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About Empress Dona Diabla

About Empress Dona Diabla

Are you ready for 100,000 Dollar Mindset and Manifest an Hyper Glam Lifestyle?

Daughter, grand-daughter and great-grand-daughter of a long line of Brown sex workers, Black sugar babies, luxury Romany witches, Ottoman fortune tellers, and Iberian occultists.

Raised in the heart of Central California, somewhere between Bakersfield and Sacramento.

Ethnic and cultural melting pot with a foundation in dark spirituality. You will get a priestess to Santa Muerte, medium to Eva Peron,

I am the medium to Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, and Eva Peron’s spirits.

I am an energy healer trained in money energy healing and sexual magnetism.

I am a realm reader connecting to the origins of your soul.

I am an influencer, Youtuber and Instagramer. In addition, I have been a sex worker for 18 years now.

My everyday passion: create money spells, make luxury magical potions, empowering women with psychic readings, and hanging with my famously decreased friends.

I am a lover of all things luxury, but especially travel to comfortable locations where I can be pampered.

This author was born on October 31, 1985 in Central California. Dona Diabla is the daughter of an working-class Mexican-Turkish American family. She began to writing horror flash and short fiction back in 2015.
Currently, she works is working on several dark fairy tales, extreme horror, and billionaire romances to get her readers’ hearts pumping.