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Empress Dona Diabla is a dark spiritual advisor and intuitive financial life-coach who uses the ancient art of coffee cup reading or tasseography to guide her clients. In addition; I used Vampire Tarot readings, crystal readings, virtual seances,

From the comfort of your own home, have your coffee and cards too.Empress Dona Diabla will begin the reading by connecting to your energy through some mindful meditation and Vampire Tarot cards.Over the last 30 years EmpressDonaDiabla’s glimpses into the caffeinated-world of the supernatural have accurately predicted marriages, business and artistic success, and personal adventure.“I do psychic readings using a cup of coffee as a crystal ball, seeing images in a teacup, cream and bubbles,”  

Empress Dona Diabla will brew and sip the traditional Turkish coffee to connect with your energy and channel your question. Revealing the message  and decoding the symbols from the grounds. If you have access to Turkish coffee you are invited to drink some during your session.